Our Projects

⚡ Public Power

Power to the people

Maine can replace inefficient private ownership of the grid with public ownership. This will lower costs, improve service, and speed the shift to green power.

🏥 Medicare for All

Health is social

In coordination with the DSA National Medicare for All Campaign, the call for socialized health insurance epitomizes an oppositional working-class politics and speaks to the immediate needs of most Americans.

💊 Drug Policy Working Group

Multi-org, collaborate, public policy

Working together with other organizations to advance decriminalization/legalization efforts that are possible, popular, and necessary.

🌲 Rural Organizing

We are everywhere

Help rural Maine DSA members organize for collective action. We’re focused on discussing resources currently available to rural members, potential statewide campaigns to coordinate on, and social hour events.

📚 Education

Ongoing, regular meetings, loves books

We just concluded an anti-racism series in November. Attend our monthly study groups to grow your socialist brain.

🔊 Podcast

“The Maine Mural”

We touch on various topics including electoral and direct action in the state of Maine, interviews with prominent left Mainers, working class history, and more!

✊🏿  Anti-Racism

Black lives matter

Education and coalition with Black P.O.W.E.R. Portland. Promote racial justice and social consciousness by holding our community and government accountable.

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