Our Projects

Maine Public Power Light Bulb and Pine Tree Logo

Power to the people

Maine can replace inefficient private ownership of the grid with public ownership. This will lower costs, improve service, and speed the shift to green power.

A city for the working class

The working class demands a city we can all live and thrive in. This is Maine DSA’s 2022 campaign to move Portland towards that future by raising the minimum wage and abolishing the subminimum wage, strengthening tenant protections, reducing the number of short term rentals, and kicking out large cruise ships

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News for the masses

Pine & Roses is a state-wide publication dedicated to building solidarity with working-class, feminist, anti-racist, indigenous, ecological, immigrant, LGTBQ, housing, and education struggles from Kittery to Calais, from Madawaska to Rumford.

https://protectabortion.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Logo-transparent.pngFree Abortion on Demand

Protecting reproductive rights

Defending abortion and other reproductive rights from a far right, unelected, theocratic judiciary.

Clipart - fistLabor Solidarity

Supporting worker action

Helping the working class in its effort to organize and overcome capital

📕 Closed Book EmojiPolitical Education

Teaching the people

Running regular reading groups and classes on political theory for the working class

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